Gordmans Partners with Anti-Defamation League to Stop Bullying in Schools

For the second consecutive year, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and apparel and home décor retailer Gordmans are teaming up to promote ADL’s No Place for Hate® initiative. The goal is to help eradicate hatred, prejudice and bullying as students and teachers prepare to head back to school this fall. Research shows that 28 percent of…
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Inappropriate Use of Holocaust Analogies Must Be Discouraged

St. Louis, June 12.  St. Louis City streets signs addressing activity by members of the homeless community are vandalized with language reflecting the awful history of the Holocaust.   ADL has long challenged the use of Holocaust   analogies, something seen consistently in the media, in political and education circles.  It appears that the Holocaust is fair game…
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ADL and Catholic Educators: Bearing Witness Together

A REFLECTION ON BEARING WITNESS 2014 Kathleen Stinehart, Ursuline Academy, Theology Department Before I had kids, I was not aware of the brain’s amazing ability to remember every lyric to every Disney song ever written. Because  my girls loved Pocahontas, one of those songs is Colors of the Wind. As is so often the case,…
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Congress has mobilized a strong response to the findings of ADL’s Global 100 Survey on anti-Semitism and to the surge of anti-Semitism following Israel’s action in Gaza. Take action to ask your Representative to support a new House Resolution condemning anti-Semitism and Senate letter calling on Secretary of State Kerry to take specific action to…
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