Who’s engaged in No Place For Hate?

With thanks to our many wonderful corporate friends who make No Place For Hate possible — including Wells Fargo Advisors         2015 Active No Place for Hate® Schools Barnwell Middle School Brentwood Middle School Brown Elementary Cristo Rey High School, Kansas City Francis Howell North High School Innovative Concept Academy   Schools…
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KWMU: No End In Sight for Diversity Training

        A year of unrest and turmoil has yielded the beginnings of change in St. Louis — along with a whole lot of questions. How do we untangle the deep, gnarly roots of racism? What is this thing called privilege? How do people of different races talk to each other about this…
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ADL launched 50 States Against Hate, a new campaign for tougher hate crime laws all across the country….
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Writing a new chapter on race in America

RACE IN AMERICA Writing a new chapter on race in America 21 HOURS AGO  •  BY KAREN J. AROESTY A case outside St. Louis sparked a national conversation about race and racism, ignited a movement, and eventually led to a new chapter in American history. Not the Michael Brown case, but rather Dred Scott. In that remarkable…
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